LGCDP (Local Governance Community Development)


Description of project:A comprehensive operational manual of GE/SI based on strategy was developed to implement and mainstream gender and social inclusion activity at local level.

The task was conducted to materialize the GESI strategy (increase participation of women and excluded group of people in local governance process) to local bodies by preparing/producing gender equality and social inclusion operational manual for excluded group in local governance.

Districts:Jumla, Bardia, Rasuwa, Morang, Sunsari, Dhading.

Actual services include following activities:

            a) Review of secondary Documents.

a)      Prepare a draft framework/checklist and develop sustainability.

b)      Organize districts level workshop.

                c)      Prepare of Draft Manual.

                d)     Review of draft manual with stakeholders.

                e)      Organize central level workshop.

                f)       Review of draft manual with LGCDP

                g)      Preparation of Final Manual



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