20 Aug 17

Workshop Youth Participation in Cooperatives

The voice for youth involvement in cooperatives is in height. However, the ground reality is possibly its reversal. For the adaptability of its reality, the top-to-bottom approach i.e. policy to tangible implementation plan is desirable. From this perspective the emergence of forming youth committee in all central level federation is deemed necessary which could contribute to the national policy to make mandatory provision of youth involvement in cooperatives. For the furthering step, the inception plan is necessary and this workshop believes to be a contributing step to draft the youth friendly policy. Thus the workshop will be the steppingstone to make all the youth related forums refreshed and will energized for their further plan. The workshop is also believed to put forward possible intervention of cooperative youth to contribute in the 2030 agendas of UN SDGs. 

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ToT on Cooperative Management and Performance

ToT on Cooperative Management and Performance was organized by NACCFL with the support of Food and Agriculture Organization of The United Nations form 2 to 5 May, 2018 at Lalitpur, Nepal.

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