With the aim of alleviating poverty through the participation of rural poor farmers, Small Farmers Development Program (SFDP) was initiated through joint cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture Government of Nepal and Agriculture Development Bank (ADB) in 1975 with support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO). Further, with the support of German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the establishment of small farmer-operated and managed Small Farmer Agriculture Cooperatives was made more accessible–sustaining, expanding, and institutionalizing of activities carried out under the framework of SFDP program. With the establishment of Nepal Agricultural Co-operative Central Federation Ltd. (NACCFL) in the year 2008, the federation is working continuously to provide all other non-financial services to its member organizations. To date, NACCFL is providing financial as well as non-financial services for more than 1139 member organizations in all 77 districts.

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Objective and Mission

NACCFL aims at providing appropriate financial and non-financial services to all the member organizations for their institutional development and for the socio-economic development of the deprived small farmers across the country.


“To emerge as a leading and capable federation for the self-sufficiency and sustainable development of small farmer-run agriculture co-operatives and other co-operatives of a similar nature by increasing agricultural production and productivity and developing a sustainable value chain so as to reduce existing poverty.”


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NACCFL Chairperson Elected as Board Member of World Farmer Organization

On behalf of NACCFL Nepal, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to you on this prestigious appointment. May your tenure be marked by significant accomplishments, pioneering initiatives, and fruitful partnerships. Your unwavering dedication to agriculture and your steadfast commitment to enhancing the livelihoods of farmers globally will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, particularly benefiting Nepalese small-scale farmers.

We look forward to witnessing the positive outcomes of your leadership and contributions to the international agricultural community.

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NACCFL Nepal current Employment Status and Future Prospects - Jun 23,2024

The 1st  COOP Job Fair 2081 (Ashad 7-Ashad 9 ) has been successfully organized by NCF Nepal. The General Manager of NACCFL Nepal delivers a comprehensive presentation detailing the current status and future prospects of NACCFL in fostering employment opportunities



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