With its capacity to represent all agro-cooperatives at the national level, NACCFL, as opposed to other organizations or federations, is in a favorable position to negotiate and advocate for the needs of the member cooperatives. The SFACLs demands and requests towards the government and banks must be addressed in their policies. The central federation wants to make sure that they are taken into consideration when policies are being formulated.

For example, NACCFL advocates strongly for the inclusion of the deprived sector loans in the government budget and for the augmentation of NRB's contribution to agro-cooperatives development. Furthermore, the consolidation of a strong linkage between banks and member cooperatives to guarantee wholesale lending is one of the sub-objectives of policy advocacy.

Cooperative Network Expansion

The primary strength of the platform is unquestionably its broad member base, which allows small farmers to gather up their voices and speak as one up to the deciding actors. This is why NACCFL decided not to impose a limit to the permitted amount of members in its ranks and, therefore, preserve its expandable status. Over the last years, the number of members has been growing significantly and has increased the weight of the federation (see figures 1 and 2).

Because NACCFL must continue in the same direction, it wishes to replicate the SFACL model to all the member cooperatives. This will contribute, in part, to establish a standardized cooperative network sharing numerous resemblances with one another, which will facilitate operations and reduce management costs. Also, the replication of the SFACL model will help knowledge and skills transfer between organizations and their members at grass-root level. Moreover, a well-developed network of similar cooperatives is bound to be more efficient than a collectivity of heteroclite organizations with different procedures.

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